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About me

About Sydney

Baker | Dessert Enthusiast | 


If you know me at all, you would know that I love all things sweet! 


Baking has always interested me since I was a little girl -- Always been fascinated at the creativity, thought, and amount of details that go into one small dessert. Of course, eating them is the best part!

Originally from Malaysia and now living in Vancouver, I have recently graduated from the Bachelor of Business Administration program at Capilano University and the Baking & Pastry Arts program at Vancouver Community College. With a love for both pastry and business, I'm making use of both degrees and turning this into something more than just a hobby.


We are constantly growing and learning from the talented people around us. So, I'm always looking for new cafes to visit and for cake inspirations around me. I hope my cakes will bring a smile to your face!:) 

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