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Peanut butter and jelly sandwich in cookie form!! 


Chewy, peanutty, and sweet from the strawberry jam! This cookie is filled with strawberry jam and Reese chocolates in peanut butter dough, with more jam and chocolates as toppings!


Tip: You can warm the cookies up in the microwave for around 8-10 seconds to get them warm and chewy (or gooey) again. 


  • Please place your pre-order for cookies at least 2 days in advance.**




    - Please make sure to specify your preferred delivery date (and timing if you need a specific time. Deliveries for these happen after 12:30pm). 

    - A delivery fee may be charged depending on the location you select during checkout. Please make sure to select one of the delivery locations that matches your address.




    -  All pickups will be at Lincoln Station in Coquitlam.

    - Please make sure to specify your desired pickup date and time (Pickups after 12:30pm).

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