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Serving cakes have become an essential part of celebrations and I can't imagine not having cake! I offer custom cakes for any occasion, but have recently added a new feature to this website! You can now find a selection of flavours and sizes to choose from for those of you that prefer to just order a cake as is instead of a custom cake. Please order it at least 1 week in advance of your event. As I'm a made-to-order type business, I do not have already made cakes ready to go, so please pre-order in advance! 

Mojito Cake



Cookies are the easiest way to go if you want a fast and simple, yet yummy item for a party or as gifts! They're also great to snack on and a comfort food for all! Check out my selection of chewy to crunchy cookies. Please pre-order at least 2 day in advance.

IMG_6606 2.JPG



Brighten up your party with some yummy cupcakes!

They are basically handheld cakes that can be decorated with sprinkles, fondant, and more!

Check out my selection of cupcakes or drop me a message for a custom order:) Please pre-order at least 5 days in advance.



The possibilities for sugar cookie art are endless! They are small and simple in taste, but so versatile. If you have a small gathering or special occasion coming up, this is the perfect way to personalize! They make cute gifts too:) I have a few sets available for pre-order and am constantly updating them with new ones so check them out! Don't see one you like? Drop me a message for a custom order! 

Decorating sugar cookies with your kids or loved ones are also a great family bonding activity-I have a few decorating kits to choose from!

Please pre-order at least a 3 days in advance (depending on volume).



Macarons are my favourite little bubbles of joy! They are perfect as gifts, wedding favours, dessert options, or if you just want to munch on a sweet snack! Please pre-order at least 3 days in advance.

Happy Friday! Sharing some Earl Grey mac
Aerial View of Baking Ingredients




Super excited to announce some new products I'm offering!! Ever get the baking blues where you just wish you didn't have to hunt for ingredients or want to speed up the process of baking? These kits are made with you in mind and aim to help ease that process! 

coming soon



Cake toppers are a great way to spice up a cake and personalize it to your event or loved ones. They could be just words on a sign, a 2D drawing, or cute figurines! I do custom toppers according to the client's order so drop me a message for a custom cake topper and I'll get back to you with a quote! Or, feel free to click the button below and head over to my Etsy store (not all of past creations are listed there). Although, if you are local to the Lower Mainland area, it might be faster to drop me an email and avoid shipping costs!

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